Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ Smokescreen

Statement of the Central Committee of the Workers Party in America

wpa20140128-a Every year, the sitting chief executive of corporatist American capitalism comes to Congress to deliver the “State of the Union” address. The speech, a Constitutionally-mandated act, has come to be seen as the starting line for the political representatives of the exploiting and oppressing classes to begin the legislative season. The roughly 90 minutes that the president speaks to Congress (and the country) is filled with a laundry list of policy priorities and goals that he expects will be discussed and adopted before it’s time for the next annual address.

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“Unlike the development from one class-based mode of production to the next, the revolution that opens the door to the development of a classless communist society is a conscious act, requiring a conscious movement.”

— At the Crossroads: Political Resolution of the WPA

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