Enough is Enough!

Justice Now for Michael Brown! Organize, Unite and Fight Police-State Terrorism!
For Armed Workers’ Self-Defense to Protect Ourselves, Our Families and Our Homes!

mbrown20140811aThe cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown by the Ferguson, Mo., cops has once again showed the world the true face of racist American capitalism. The Workers Party in America expresses our sincerest condolences to the family of Michael and joins with those condemning this barbaric act against an unarmed young man whose only crime in this society was walking through his neighborhood while being Black and working class.

Let us be clear: This execution — this state-sponsored lynching — of Michael Brown is the latest act of racist police terrorism, and no one should turn away from or deny that fact. Every 28 hours in the U.S., racist cops and vigilantes (like George Zimmerman) shoot and kill an African American — usually a young, male and innocent one. This fact alone exposes the lie of such violence being an “exception,” a “mistake” committed by “rotten apples.”

Once every 28 hours is not the “exception,” it is the norm!

This is why the capitalist media, politicians and self-proclaimed “community leaders” — local, national and international — have already begun to line up to insult the memory of Michael and transform the college-bound teenager into a “thug” (the latest code word among racists to mean “n****r”) who, in their view, deserved to be killed … just like Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Renisha McBride, Eric Garner and countless others.

We’ve also seen this dehumanization at work in the responses to the spontaneous rebellion that took place last night. Demonstrating with amazing clarity the connections between racism and capitalism in American society, nearly every media personality, politician and “community leader” shed real tears for the loss of … private property! Nevermind that the stores and products in them can be easily replaced. Nevermind that the seething anger in the community over the death of Michael Brown was only aggravated by the racist comments of the cops and area racists. And nevermind that one of the rumored reasons the cops targeted Michael in the first place was that they accused him of stealing something from the nearby QuikTrip.

mbrown20140811bThe exploiting and oppressing classes in this society have always seen property as more valuable than human life, and the murder of Michael Brown is no exception.

We understand that many people in the community, including Michael’s parents, just want there to be peace. A cruel and sudden loss of life, especially when it’s an innocent and beloved life, is a terrible shock to the system that is only upset even more by lingering anger and outrage. But the sad reality is that there can be no peace as long as these killer cops, and the system that protects them, remain. These terrorists will continue to target and massacre poor and working people — especially African Americans and other people of color — as long as they hold unchallenged power.

The only way to bring lasting peace to the streets and to communities like Ferguson is to organize and fight back!

When the ruling classes are using their armed enforcers to target us, our co-workers and our neighbors for harassment, arrest, imprisonment and death, the only sensible and intelligent thing to do is to defend ourselves. Make no mistake: they see it as a war to maintain their control of society. That’s why they bring out the body armor and “urban assault vehicles,” the tear gas and rubber bullets, and plead for the army and National Guard to step in.

And as long as we show no organized resistance, they will continue their barbaric attacks with a free hand.

When we and our fellow workers in the neighborhood get together and organize armed self-defense of our communities, we not only take a stand against police-state terrorism, we also begin to take back our lives and our freedom. We begin to free ourselves from the exploitation and oppression we face every day. We begin to truly level the field. Most importantly, though, we begin to command the respect and dignity we deserve as human beings.

Don’t think this is a war? The cops do! They were quick to roll out their “urban assault vehicle” to maintain the racist ruling classes’ “law and order” on the streets of Ferguson. And we all know it wasn’t just for show.

Don’t think this is a war? The cops do! They were quick to roll out their “urban assault vehicle” to maintain the racist ruling classes’ “law and order” on the streets of Ferguson. And we all know it wasn’t just for show.

If you want a new world, free from poverty, hunger, racism, police violence, exploitation and oppression, this is how it starts: by taking our lives and our future in our own hands, by standing up and fighting for our historic interests, and those of our families, our co-workers and neighbors. To successfully defend ourselves requires organization. Neighborhood committees must meet regularly to coordinate all actions. These committees can also make larger decisions about quality of life and public services. Working together with committees in other neighborhoods and in our workplaces, we would have the power to tackle the larger issues, like improving education and housing, and coordinating the economy to produce based on human need. A council of elected representatives from these committees would be able to organize and administer public services, common defense and the well-being of society.

We call this new way of doing things — this system that works for working people — a workers’ republic, the first step toward a society of general freedom. If this is a future you want, join with us to begin building it now!

Central Committee Bureau, August 11, 2014

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