About the Workers Party

logo-ppo-color-200x200The Workers Party in America is a workers’ political organization dedicated to the defeat of capitalism and capitalist rule, and the establishment of a workers’ republic as the first step to the achievement of the communist society. As such, we are a distinct political formation among the leading ranks of the working class, composed of the most class-conscious, the most courageous, and the most self-sacrificing section of the proletariat. The Workers Party does not stand above or apart from, but is part and parcel of, the working class. We seek to be the political leadership of the proletarian movement.

The Workers Party is armed with the theories, teachings and experience of a worldwide movement first established by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels in 1848. These teachings are a powerful weapon in the hands of the Party. They enable us to educate working people about the history of our struggles based on decades of collective experience and knowledge, which aids our class in gaining victories while avoiding unnecessary sacrifice. To this end, we consider ourselves a part of the international worker-communist movement, established by Iranian communist thinker Mansoor Hekmat, and the worker-communist party in the United States.

These teachings enable the Party to know who are the friends and allies of the working class, and who our enemies are (even when they present themselves to us as friends). By means of these teachings, the Workers Party is able to find the best methods of struggle of the working class against capitalism, and for the workers’ republic.

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