Get Involved with the Workers Party

party-cardThe Workers Party in America is a small but dedicated organization of working-class communists fighting for a communist future. We welcome all of our fellow workers who share our vision to get involved with the Party either as a member or supporter.

Becoming a Member

Being a member of the Workers Party is not just a title, it is a commitment. We are looking for class-conscious workers who are willing to take the initiative and proactively build the Party — brothers and sisters who are willing to be involved regularly in Party-related activity without the need for prodding from the national organization, comrades who can organize and build a Unit in their workplace, neighborhood or city (with advice and support from the National Office, of course). In short, we are looking for fellow workers who can build up the Party and make it their own.

Members are expected to attend all regular Party meetings in their area, as well as national aggregate meetings (usually held online) and other meetings for Party organizations in which they participate. Members are also expected to participate and, at times, initiate political discussions about the Party’s views and activity, both among fellow members and with fellow workers, as well as be a part of carrying out the decisions of the membership and all other Party work. Moreover, members are expected to pay their $20 initiation fee, monthly dues (starting a $5/a month) and mandatory assessments regularly and in a timely manner, make donations, and contribute to voluntary assessments when possible.

Over time, our members will be able to learn to write articles, statements and theoretical documents, speak publicly, as well as become solid organizers and Party leaders. We are a Party where even the newest member can contribute to the theoretical and practical development of the organization. In the end, how your Workers Party develops is up to you.

Becoming a Supporter

Anyone who generally agrees with the Party’s program is welcome to become a Supporter of the Workers Party and build the WPA Supporters’ Organization (WPASO). Supporters are encouraged to participate in public work as a Supporter of the Party, to purchase and distribute our publications and literature, and to study both the Party’s positions and the classical works of the communist movement. Supporters in a given workplace or geographic location are encouraged to organize Supporters’ Units, to better coordinate their activity and improve their public presence. While not members, Supporters are invited to participate in many aspects of the Party’s internal life, including important political discussions and exchanges on Party activity, providing a consultative vote.

Recent Party Statements

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