‘Victory to Hamas?’

Many working people who choose to attend a protest against the Irsraeli invasion of Gaza will find themselves confronted with certain elements, including some who call themselves socialists or communists, not merely calling for a defeat of Israel’s military action, but calling for a military victory for Hamas.

They say that Hamas, as representatives of an “oppressed state,” are the lesser evil compared to Israel, and their victory would be, by extension, a defeat of imperialism.

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For the Defeat of Israel in Gaza

Break the Siege of Gaza with United Israeli-Palestinian Workers’ Actions!
For Democratic, Secular Working People’s Republics in Israel and Palestine!

The Workers Party in America condemns the criminal and barbaric attacks waged by the armed forces of Israel against the people of Gaza and Palestine.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed and thousands injured so far. Whole families and villages have been blown to bits by bombs from Israeli warplanes made in the United States.

The Gaza invasion is a war crime of historic proportions. The Israeli regime has made it clear that, in the words of their foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, “nobody is immune” to the state-sponsored terrorism being carried out.

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