The Truth about the Ferguson Uprising

ferguson201409aThe events in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, just north of St. Louis, have become a watershed event in modern American politics and social relations. The cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on August 9 provoked not only massive outrage across the country, but also provided an object lesson in how the exploiting and oppressing classes choose to respond to people’s natural revulsion at the utter barbarity of capitalism in its period of decay and disintegration.

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Enough is Enough!

Justice Now for Michael Brown! Organize, Unite and Fight Police-State Terrorism!
For Armed Workers’ Self-Defense to Protect Ourselves, Our Families and Our Homes!

mbrown20140811aThe cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown by the Ferguson, Mo., cops has once again showed the world the true face of racist American capitalism. The Workers Party in America expresses our sincerest condolences to the family of Michael and joins with those condemning this barbaric act against an unarmed young man whose only crime in this society was walking through his neighborhood while being Black and working class.

Let us be clear: This execution — this state-sponsored lynching — of Michael Brown is the latest act of racist police terrorism, and no one should turn away from or deny that fact. Every 28 hours in the U.S., racist cops and vigilantes (like George Zimmerman) shoot and kill an African American — usually a young, male and innocent one. This fact alone exposes the lie of such violence being an “exception,” a “mistake” committed by “rotten apples.” Continue reading

Detroit Workers: Spoil Your Ballot!

detroit201407aThe following was distributed as a leaflet throughout May and June to mass meetings and protests of Detroit city workers by members and supporters of the Detroit Unit of the Workers Party in America.

Brothers and sisters! If you haven’t by now, you will soon receive the ballot sent to you by officials from the “emergency” dictatorship now running this city. This den of thieves and financial thugs will be asking you to vote to cut your own throat in exchange for empty promises and emptier wallets, courtesy of the bosses, bankers and political barbarians of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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