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Dear reader,

This collection of documents is meant to be an introduction to the politics and perspective of the Workers Party in America. It is designed to show you what we believe in, what we want, what we fight for and who we are.

There are many political parties and organizations out there that claim to represent working people and their interests. And, at first, you may see us as just another one of those groups. That’s understandable. For a long time, self-described socialists and communists have come to our class claiming to be the “solution” to our common problems, offering schemes and raising demands that, at first glance, sound similar to our own.

But when the time came for them to make good on their demands — to show and prove that they did offer a meaningful “solution” — they turned their backs on working people, made deals with those who exploit and oppress us for their own gain, or simply pulled back in fear and cowardice.

We can say that we are different, that as a party of working people, not merely a party representing working people, we will hold fast to our principles, our program and our platform. But we’d rather show you that we are different. We know that after years of “the left” betraying working people and their interests, there is a lot of mistrust.

In asking you to consider the Workers Party’s views and opinions, we do not ask for a leap of faith but an opportunity to prove ourselves to you. We ask for the opportunity to work with you on those issues that matter most, to explain how we see them linked to broader questions in society, and how we as working people, organized and united around a common perspective and course of action, can do for ourselves what so many others said they would do for us.

We know we have much to prove. You, our brothers and sisters, are the ultimate judge of whether we have measured up, in our actions, to what we say. All we ask is that you allow us the chance to put our principles, program and platform to the test of history. Yes, that means working with us to see that this can happen; we cannot and would not substitute ourselves for the entire class.

We ask you to read over these documents, to learn about our viewpoint and perspective, and what we want to build. If they sound like the “right idea,” or get you thinking about the kind of future you want for yourselves and your children, we would encourage you to contact us, support our organization and its work, and ultimately, if you so desire, to join the Workers Party in America and make it your organization too.

We look forward to your thoughts and comments, and hopefully to working with you.

Table of Contents

Appendix A: Recommended Programmatic Documents
Appendix B: Programmatic Statements


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