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Obama Dresses Up Slave-Labor Order as ‘Immigration Reform;’ Dems Rejoice

immigration20141124aWASHINGTON, D.C., November 22 — President Barack Obama’s announcement last Thursday on how the federal government will deal with up to 5 million undocumented workers and family members of American citizens has been hailed by Democrats and reformist immigrant rights advocates across the board, while being universally slammed by conservative Republicans and racists.

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The Character and Structure of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism

20090601aThe Workers Party in America adopted revolutionary industrial unionism as part of an overall strategy designed to give us a clear outline of how to help organize and build the workers’ movement into one that can not only challenge capitalist rule, but defeat it and establish a working people’s republic.

As members of the Party have learned through our own bitter experiences over the years, without a clear strategy and plan, even the best political organization fails. Being vague and coy about what we want to do and, more importantly, how we want to do it only breeds mistrust among our fellow workers.

We in the Workers Party have no hidden agenda — no special path that only the select few know. Our strategy is there for all to see.

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