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news-kioskThe Workers Party maintains a number of public media outlets that are designed to present and explain our views, as well as help with educating, agitating and organizing our fellow workers as part of the effort to prepare them for taking power in their own name. All of our public media functions under the principle of open polemic. That is, the Party maintains a policy allowing for letters and submissions that are oriented toward discussion of important political questions — both those currently facing the working class, and those that clarify moments in the history of the international proletariat and its movement. In addition, we welcome article submissions, correspondence and reports from our brothers and sisters on issues affecting them. If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact us.

Below you will find a basic description of our print and audio media projects, as well as links to article and issue/episode archives (where available). If you have any further questions about our media, please contact us through this website.



The Worker-Communist

twc1The Central Organ and voice of the Central Committee of the Workers Party in America, the Worker-Communist provides news and analysis, opinion, commentary and more from a working-class communist perspective. The Worker-Communist began in 2013 as a biweekly newspaper, acting as a supplement to Working People’s Advocate. In 2014, the Central Committee decided to turn WC into a monthly, with more in-depth analysis and longer articles. However, after a long discussion among members, the C.C.’s decision was reversed and, beginning on December 6, 2014, the Worker-Communist will return to its original format as the Party’s weekly newspaper.

The feature sections that were the centerpiece of the monthly WC will be spun off into their own supplementary bulletins, published by their respective commissions and working groups, and included with regular issues of the Worker-Communist; the articles will be published on the website of WC.

  • Visit the website of the Worker-Communist
  • Visit the issue archive of the Worker-Communist (coming soon!)
  • Download the Worker-Communist for Flipboard (coming soon!)
  • Download the Worker-Communist for Google Newsstand (coming soon!)



Working People’s Advocate

wpa1Our Party’s Central Organ from 2009 to 2013, Working People’s Advocate was the source for keeping up on unfolding events and issues especially relevant to working people, and had a decade-long record of telling the truth and explaining the facts, even when it is extremely unpopular or out-of-fashion to do so. Beginning in 2013, Working People’s Advocate was transformed into a monthly magazine in order to make way for the Worker-Communist. At the end of 2013, the Central Committee finally closed WPA while agreeing to maintain a full archive of all issues of the paper and magazine we produced.

  • Visit the issue archive of Working People’s Advocate (coming soon!)



Workers’ Republic

wr1Our magazine is the place for thought-provoking articles about our world and society. Today, Workers’ Republic is a quarterly journal that offers insights on everything from the latest political and economic developments to key questions of communist theory and program. Each issue of WR sets the standard for communist journalism that few can equal and none can surpass. Individual issues and bulk orders of WR can be purchased through MagCloud.

  • Visit the website of Workers’ Republic (coming soon!)
  • Visit the issue archive of Workers’ Republic (coming soon!)
  • Order the current issue of Workers’ Republic through MagCloud (coming soon!)



The Martin Sayles Radio Show

tmsrs1The only live call-in, three-hour talk-radio program from a working-class communist perspective. The Martin Sayles Radio Show returns to the air Saturday, January 3, 2015, broadcasting from 12-3 p.m. ET, with the Chairperson of the Workers Party offering his opinion on the news of the week, taking an in-depth look at important stories that affect working people, interviewing interesting and thought-provoking guests, and speaking with you, the listeners.

The Martin Sayles Radio Show is currently on hiatus. Martin will return to the air on September 6, 2014.



RED Newsbreak

rednetworkA product of our New Media Working Group and the Revolutionary Education Distribution Network, RED Newsbreak offers a weekly news-in-brief audio break that will be used alongside all Party broadcasts, as well as be available to the general public and other radio/podcasting programming. RED Newsbreak meets all of the standards you come to expect from the outlets of the exploiting and oppressing classes, such as NBC, CNN, Fox News and AP, but provides a working-class communist perspective. Over time, RED Newsbreak will eventually expand into a daily service, with special updates and reports as needed.

RED Newsbreak will begin broadcasting on January 3, 2015.

  • Visit the website of RED Network (coming soon!)


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